MJ O'Neill Financial Compliance | Services
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What we do

As a compliance consultant for financial services providers, we assist and guide firms by creating practical compliance tools that can be easily implemented to ensure the client’s best interests are protected and that firms adhere to regulatory requirements.
Applications to the Central Bank of Ireland

Whether you are renewing your mortgage intermediary authorisation or seeking to obtain authorisation as a retail intermediary or debt management services provider, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with these labour intensive applications.

External Compliance Audit

We recommend at the commencement of our business relationship that a full audit of your files is completed. This entails an on-site review of all company, procedural and client files to ensure that your business is in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Once the audit is complete, we will prepare for you any necessary procedures and take measures to ensure that your business becomes compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Anti-Money Laundering Training /Re-fresher Courses

Preparation and presentation of the relevant aspects of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing legislation for non-executive directors, directors and employees of your firm. This is an annual requirement for all directors and employees.

Annual Compliance Plan

The Central Bank of Ireland expects all regulated firms to implement a Compliance Plan on an annual basis. This plan must be approved by the firm’s Board of Directors.

Advertising & Website Reviews

Review of all advertising material and websites to ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Code and Data Protection legislation.

CPD Courses for your firm/group

If your firm/group has a specific CPD topic that you would like us to present a seminar for CPD hours, we can prepare the seminar and have it accredited by the professional institution in which you are a member.

Procedures Manual

Preparation of Procedures and Registers tailored specifically for your firm’s needs.

Why is it so important to be compliant?

When a business has a strong compliance function, through integrating systems and controls to identify and mitigate risks, this will help protect the firm from regulatory sanctions and damage to its reputation.